Data Security — A Note On Standards And Certifications

Any organization stores and processes personal data about employees, customers, or partners. In this situation, it is better to have reliable evidence that your personal data protection system aligns with world best practices. So, what are the most popular certificates?

Data security standards

In current conditions, enterprises and organizations are faced with the urgent task of preserving both material values ​​and information, including trade or state secret information. The development of measures to protect the enterprise’s data should follow the principle of comprehensive closure of its source and ensure the protection of all its media. Information threats are conditions and factors that endanger the vital interests of the individual, society, state, and information security. In addition, protecting electronic corporate information is very important for companies. The security of an electronic system is its ability to resist attempts to harm the owners and users of systems in the event of various excitatory (intentional and unintentional) effects on it.

Extensive informatization of all spheres of society, in particular the security of the individual, society, economy, finance, and public infrastructure, raises the question of a comprehensive approach to information security. Thus, the problem of organization of enterprise protection today is an important component in the activities of any enterprise. There is an urgent issue in developing mechanisms for monitoring information and determining the degree of risk. There is a tendency to implement specific standards requirements in enterprises’ activities to solve this problem.

ISO 27001 Certificates – the best way to ensure data security

A certificate for a specific management system removes the need for the client to perform additional checks on the service provider. As a result, the level of trust in such a supplier is higher, and the quality of its services can be trusted with more confidence. Customers significantly save time on choosing a supplier, and fewer justifications and legal formalities are required at the stage of negotiating contracts. In addition, the certificate helps the company build interaction between employees and management and establish contact with external circles, i.e., clients and contractors. Also, it prevents the risk of leaking information that may be confidential.

ISO 27001 is an international standard that describes the approaches to the design, implementation, maintenance, and continuous improvement of information security management systems taking into account the organization’s circumstances. This International Standard is also used in conjunction with ISO 9001 and ISO 20000 certifications. This system includes personnel, production processes, and IT systems, united through implementing risk management processes. The principle of continuous improvement, a common approach to quality systems, underlies this standard, allowing companies to act more systematically. Almost 40,000 companies in 160 countries have already implemented this standard. The document became the first and the only global standard of confidentiality, which is actually recognized by all existing countries.

Advantages of ISO / IES 27001 certification:

  • demonstration of its responsible attitude to information protection to all stakeholders;
  • gaining recognition of partners, forming the company’s reputation, and strengthening in domestic and foreign markets;
  • demonstration of transparency and honesty in doing business.

The whole mechanism of the system is based on development, maintenance, and updating. At the same time, the regulations should not be implemented simultaneously across the entire enterprise but in specific subdivisions and departments. It greatly simplifies the procedure itself. ISO / IES 27001 aims to ensure business continuity, reduce the possibility of threats, and reduce costs associated with potential losses. An organization of any form of ownership can implement the standard and pass certification.

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